39 books and counting – help me pick my next read!

Hello there!

I decided to do an inventory of the physical copies I have not read yet and so far I have 39 books on the list, with 6 more on the way.

I am on a crusade to get my Netgalley feedback rate up so I am thinking I may be able to squeeze one of these in per month.
At this rate it will only take me oh… Four years, considering I will most likely get at least a couple more? Not too bad, ey? :D

Apologies for the crappy resolution. Let me know if you are unable to read any of the titles.
So, here is my current list:





Ok, so I am saving massive ones like 1Q84 and A Game of Thrones for when I have lots of time to dedicate to them.

I tried picking up Danse Macabre and Erewhon but they just didn’t grab my attention.

Besides those, I am curious to know if you have read any of these, if you recommend them, and what type of mood you think I should be in when picking them up.

26 thoughts on “39 books and counting – help me pick my next read!

  1. Ooo, I haven’t read any of these. I do like some of Stephen King’s books though, and I’ve read one book by Lee Child, so I can recommend those two. I’ve been put off Stephen King though, because terrible things always seem to happen in his books, so if you aren’t in the mood to be disturbed and saddened, I would avoid them. If it was me, I’d pick Make Me by Lee Child. :-)
    Also, I tried to read The Picture of Dorian Gray, but I couldn’t get into it. I highly recommend The Importance of Being Earnest though, that is absolutely fantastic :-D

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  2. What was the last book you read? For me, my next book would usually be different from the previous one – different genre or style and definitely different author (unless they’re in a series and meant to be read together). That’s one way of choosing.
    And I salute you for being able to devour books quickly. I’m reading the Game of Thrones series right now and it feels like forever! ;)

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    • I am reading one very different from what I usually read. It’s historical fiction and the prose is very different from what I am used to. So everything in my pile is different!

      Yep, that is how I choose as well, different genres unless I am reading part of a series – then I prefer to read them as soon after the previous as possible! Which is why I am waiting for the third book from Miss Peregrine that I pre-ordered to be sent before I start reading book 2.

      I usually am not this quick to go through my pile (though when I see folks reading up to 20 books per month I cannot help but drop my jaw) but things have been quiet at work and I have this week off, so it helps!

      I don’t think I am going to be much of a fan of GoT, it sounds like a lot of work. I have been advised to take notes of the characters or it’s easy to lose track. Eh, we’ll see, I will wait until I am willing to be that invested in it!


  3. I have read:

    the P. Pullman books and quite enjoyed them. To read when you are in need of magic (but not to depressed either, I found them quite melancholic and sad).
    “A Game of Thrones”: absolutely loved it, even though it took me quite a while to enter the series (too much things happening, too many people, I started really enjoying the books when I started remembering who was who without checking the index at the end). To read when you have time, and feel in need of “epicness”.
    “The picture of Dorian Grey”: contrary to others here, I really enjoyed this book. To read when you want to be scared, but also when you are feeling philosophical

    As for myself, I also have “1Q84” & “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” waiting on my shelves. Maybe we could do a buddy read sometimes? Although I agree on the fact that I might need more time for that, especially “1Q84”. I only have been reading quite short books lately…

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    • I would love a buddy read!

      Thank you so much for your tips, they were so helpful. I did read The Picture of Dorian Grey many years ago and I think I enjoyed it. I think I have forgotten enough by now to give it a new read.

      Thanks again, loved your feedback.


    • Thank you! That is one which premise intrigued me quite a lot but to be honest I was more pulled in for the cover! I think I will read that when I am in need of a massive dose of magic.

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  4. I’d suggest you read The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August – but don’t expect some foot-to-the-floor adrenaline adventure. It’s good, but the pacing is relatively leisurely. The writing is great and I really love the premise. Some really good books on your shelves, though:).

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  5. Some really good books left to read here. Personally I enjoyed James Herbert books – Nobody True is less horror and more unusual but was enjoyable. The Game of Thrones and Pullman books are great for when you have a lot of spare time to read these and it’s nice to be able to watch the series alongside for the GOT.
    Of Mice & Men I read while at school – it wasn’t actually my coursework but my sister was reading it and it sounded interesting which it was.
    As for Dorian Grey, I personally found it a hard book to get into – it seems quite a slim book so you think it won’t take long but it took me longer than LOTR because I just couldn’t crack it – I ended up watching the film and then going back to read it.

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