Discovering Edelweiss

Well, now I have done it. I finally signed up to Edelweiss. Because that is just what I need, more places to get awesome books from, right??

For some reason I thought I could not sign up because I am from Portugal but I guess that only drastically decreases my chances of actually grabbing the books I want to read so I figured, why not give it a try?

It seems that it is migrating from Edelweiss ‘classic’ to Edelweiss+, at
I never tried the old version but I can imagine this is more user-friendly than the previous.

At first I struggled with it but the help articles were very useful.
However, there are still several features I don’t know what they are for.
I still don’t get why, when I am trying to do a search, I don’t immediately get the option to only view titles available for request. I have to filter first by publisher or publishing date or format or whatnot.
So I am a bit confused about the site’s purpose. Obviously we get to request review copies, but what else is there to it?

Alas, I added some of my previous reviews and requested several titles – only 10, not bad huh?? I am really trying here.
I didn’t find many of the titles I got from Netgalley, though. I wonder what the criteria is to putting a book up.

Also, does it have a feedback rate like Netgalley? What exactly to the publishers use as criteria for accepting a request?

Do you use this site? I would love your opinion of it and any info/tips about it, really.

I have seen a Friend option there, I guess that means you could add me?

Looking forward to your comments!

11 thoughts on “Discovering Edelweiss

  1. I never signed up for most of the reasons you mentioned above… Plus, with so many Netgalley requests pending already it might just be best not to add another ARC source to my list haha. I would love to hear more about your experience in the future though!

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  2. It took me quite a long time before I started seeing approvals on Edelweiss for some reason. The site itself is geared more towards book seller/librarians & such which is why it’s not very user friendly. Publishing houses post their seasonal catalogues featuring that seasons line-up of books. When requesting your intro should be strong, professional, short & sweet. You should also include some of your stats——————–>

    Blog subscribers:
    Twitter followers:
    Instagram follows: (doesn’t really matter here since they’re galleys but I include it)
    Goodreads followers:

    In the description for why you are requesting the book try & mention 1 or 2 specific reasons that interest you. It also helps to provide a link to a similar book you reviewed by the same publisher you are requesting from. Lastly, thank them for their time & consideration…

    Hope this helps ;)

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    • Thank you so much for your tips, they are so helpful!
      And it does make more sense now that you mentioned it is more aimed at book sellers and librarians. Well that clears up the mystery!

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      • You’re very welcome, it took me a while to understand that site & now with their new platform I’m probably going to have to re-educate myself in all things Edelweiss lol.

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      • I think I got the hang of it now, just had to wrap my head about the filters. There’s plenty more that I need to explore, though.


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