Bookporn: Libraries in Fiction and Where To Find Them

Check out these amazing libraries and their fictional counterparts!


Hi guys, I’m back with another Bookporn post ;)

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I’ve always loved seeing libraries featuring in the animated series or in movies, now here are all the places to find them :D



REAL LIFE TWINSIE: The Amont Abbey Library, Austria 

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I am a Book Depository Affiliate!

Free Delivery on all Calendars at the Book Depository

I did not even have any idea this existed until I came across a post a couple of days ago. I applied and was accepted the following day!

I am ecstatic for this opportunity. I have been using The Book Depository for years now and it is my main source of physical books. From my experience, they have the lowest prices, a huge variety since they have over 9 billion titles available, and free delivery to a big list of countries worldwide. I don’t know about you but these matter a lot to me!

With their books usually comes a very neat bookmark too. It’s just the right size and the latest can be coloured.

They are designed by their customers, who get a mention on the bookmark itself:

Previous collection was quite neat too, huh:

Also designed by customers!

The rare times I had an issue with a delivery, Support always addressed and solved it promptly. I value this a lot. Often times they could just tell me to keep waiting and they didn’t. On one occasion they even sent me a second copy of the book because mine exceeded the deadline they gave.

Bottom line is, I could not be happier with their service and therefore highly recommend it.

If you are interested in buying from them, I would really appreciate it if you would please use the banner link in my blog. You can find it in this post or on my sidebar. Just clicking it may help me later on when you do make a purchase.

So what are you waiting for? Click to check out their awesome promotions and search for your next great read:

Free Delivery on all Books at the Book Depository

A Bus Stop for Book Lovers

Check out the amazing bookish bus stop Kristen found!
Isn’t it amazing? I would love a selection of novellas or short stories so I wouldn’t actually miss my bus.
And yes, I completely agree, a different colour scheme, please!
Oh well, one can dream…

Kristen Twardowski

Singapore Bus Stop.PNG

Apparently I am on something of an architecture kick. In addition to finding one of the most incredible library parking garages in the world, I’ve discovered a stellar bus stop.

Those are words I never thought I would type.

When bus stops come to mind, I typically don’t think of anything extraordinary. The stop nearest to my old apartment had no sidewalk leading to it, and though it was supposed to be a covered bus stop, the roof had blown off long ago. I spent many damp mornings there waiting to catch a ride into town.

One bus stop in Singapore is a little different.

Singapore Experimental Bus Stop.jpg

In tandem with DP Architects, the Singaporean government has worked to create an experimental bus stop in the Jurong Lake District. The bus stop is intended to inspire people to take greater ownership of their community and features free WiFi, phone charging stations, bike parking, and…

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