The Breakdown

Title: The Breakdown

Author: B.A. Paris

Genres: Psychological Thriller

Length: 336 pages | 3364 Kindle locations

Source: Netgalley

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

Publishing Date: June 20th, 2017
Rating: 2.5/5


During a storm, Cass makes a decision not to assist a woman whose car appears to have broke down in of a deserted road in the middle of the woods.
That decision will chase her for the rest of her life.
Also, why is she experiencing memory loss?
Can the two be connected?


I could tell based on ratings that this is one of those books that people either love or hate. Though I didn’t hate it, I could have done without reading it.

I had a lot of trouble with suspension of disbelief. I struggled to stay interested in the narrative when our main character has so serious memory issues that she just chooses to ignore because she is afraid. She goes through stuff, worries about her state of mind, vents to her husband, and that’s it. She is obviously distraught but neither her husband nor best friend seem to realise it or if they do they just downplay it and shrug it off. And she never turns to anyone else.

So for at least three quarters of the book we are presented with situation after situation where Cass can’t remember things right. And it’s not like there was much of an end goal in sight other than time to go back to work approaching, but even that isn’t mentioned much. So it all felt rather pointless.

It annoyed me because the writing was very engaging, other than the whining protagonist, and I was sure that by the time the book ended it would all make sense and wrap up nicely – which it did. But there was nothing during the large majority of the book to make me interested in what happened. It was just… stuff, you know?

I wonder how much longer the book would have gone on had our main character not stumbled upon the truth accidentally, or rather had it handed to her (literally). Also, it doesn’t make sense that Rachel would tell her about the row in the parking lot. Or that she didn’t mention it to the police when interviewed. With so much at stake it just doesn’t make sense that she would mention that. There’s just too much fitting it too perfectly and we are supposed to believe that it was Jane guiding the events?

So I am still struggling to figure out the point of everything up until that point, which felt rushed due to all the luck involved.

Also, for so long we are presented to this scared person who just gives in. And yet she has the mind to plot all that after she finds out. Even after confessing she was scared to death she wouldn’t make it through the night. It just doesn’t make sense!

As you can see, there isn’t much I can say about why I am not a fan of this book without writing spoilers so I will just say that The Breakdown has its qualities, for sure, particularly the writing, and it is quite different from what is out there. However, as far as the story and characters go I was just not content.

Disclaimer: I would like to thank the publisher and Netgalley for providing me a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

Read from Mar 16th to Mar 19th, 2017
GR Review

10 thoughts on “The Breakdown

  1. I’m with you on this one, I wasn’t very impressed either. I liked how it ended, when she finally isn’t that weak person any more but up until then I just didn’t feel the tension like I was supposed to. So happy to finally see someone else who isn’t raving about this book, I was starting to feel all alone :-).

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    • Yay thank you for letting me know, it seems like almost everyone loved it.

      I couldn’t even appreciate the ending much because it felt out of character to me. If she was that afraid to spend the night with him, thinking she wouldn’t make it to morning, where did all that strength come from to do what she did?

      Oh well. If we all liked yellow…


      • I know and I can’t help but feel that this book gets so much credit because she’s written a bestseller before (which I haven’t read yet btw). Would everybody be so enthusiastic otherwise? I understand but all I could think of was finally a change in the situation, it was too long and also those conversations that she followed in the end were too long and winded for me. That’s two of us already, I’m sure there will be others out there, somewhere :-)

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      • Yes, I am sure there are others.
        I don’t know, not all will think that way hopefully… I read some reviews where people were actually afraid this book would not live up to the first one and ended up really enjoying it, some even more than her first (I didn’t read it). But yeah, I completely get what you mean about finally a change in the narrative. Up until then it was much of the same. I did however like one thing: she didn’t strike up a romance with neither John nor Alex, Jane’s husband.

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