Katy Perry – Chained To The Rhythm

I believe this song is proof you can still make good music these days. Not only is the tune extremely catchy but the lyrics are meaningful, raising social awareness.

This message ties up perfectly with the video, done in that freaky, absurd style that I love so much (see Soundgarden – Black Hole Sun and Skunk Anansie – Lately).

The futuristic theme part featuring a hamster wheel so representative of the routine we lead on a daily basis, along with many other elements, aligned with the lyrics mentioning happily numb people, all worked to making a very interesting piece that solidified my admiration of Katy Perry as an artist even more.

I know Perry wrote this in a political context but when I first heard it I thought of the music that is out there these day and how we seem to be content that the chorus is basically the same line repeated like 6 times and no actual lyrics.

Oh well. Above all it’s a fun song.