Getting Artsy

If you follow my Instagram account you will have noticed a few days ago I went to a Tiger shop and got some art supplies:

Watercolour paper and crayons – oh, the possibilities!

I don’t know how to draw or paint but I still love this kind of stuff – there is just something about a blank sheet of paper and colours and just the potential for something beautiful.
I am not really drawn to colouring books and I had lost hope of finding something to fulfil this yearning but then I came across these and was so excited.

I was not 100% sure what I was going to do with them but when I got home an idea started forming. I would start with random abstract stuff, yes, that is really the only thing I can do eheh, but I would combine it with something I have been meaning to try for a while now, ever since I came across the work of so many talented people out there: making my own bookmarks!

Somehow the ones I get or come across otherwise are too small and I figured hey, this could be a good way to combine this desire to get artsy within my very limited capabilities and making something useful. So I present to you my first experiment:

I am not sure if it is because of the crayon’s quality not being too good but I did not get an effect using a brush, only my finger, and still it doesn’t look too good but I am pretty happy with the result considering it was my first attempt, and encouraged to keep going!

I am curious, have you ever tried this? Do you have any tips regarding materials, techniques or anything really?

9 thoughts on “Getting Artsy

  1. Such a coincidence! Now that knitting season is winding down, I was thinking of watercolours as my new hobby. I’ll find you on Instagram right away too

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  2. Sorry, can’t help you with any advice but I think it’s a very cool idea to make your own bookmarks! Well done for a first try, you’ll get better and better and will be able to make more complicated bookmarks in time. I like ones with quotes on them very much too btw. There’s lots and lots of bookmark ideas you can find on pinterest :-)

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    • Thank you so much, Inge! I realise it is nothing compared to what is out there but at least it’s mine and I get to relax while making them. Right now I need to find a proper pen to write on top of the watercolour, not sure what type to get though but I will look around.

      Yep, I love Pinterest. Every time I go there I am like ‘ooh I want that! Oh and this and that and that!’ xD


      • I love that you’re being creative like that.. I’m good at re-creating but not so much at creating stuff although I have made a scrapbook once (101 reasons why I love you.. yep my romantic side), I’ve made a quilt and teddybears, a card with beads,.. but never been creative with paint or anything.. I know Pinterest is wonderful for hoarding ideas :-).

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      • Recreating takes a lot of imagination!
        And wow that’s amazing, girl! I had no idea you were that creative, that is so cool. I wish I weren’t so inept with my hands ahah

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