My Reading Nook

I have never felt like a proper bookworm given that I did not have a proper reading nook. I mostly read in bed but now I am proud to say I finally have my own extremely cosy and comfortable reading nook!

I ordered this beanbag which is actually also a mattress so if someone wants to sleep over now they can! Don’t you just love 2 in 1 stuff? So practical.

I can see myself spending a lot of time here.

What do you think?
And do you have a reading nook? I would love to see it!

14 thoughts on “My Reading Nook

    • Good to know I wasn’t the only one then! I think a settee might count as a nook as long as you have bookish stuff around and make it nice and comfy ^_^ I wish I had a big window that let in lots of natural light and loads and loads of cushions… smack in the middle of my huge library… *dreams on*

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    • Ah I wasn’t the only one then! Who knew! It’s pretty comfy but I am thinking of getting more pillows and something to rest my feet.
      Thanks for posting, Inge!

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    • Oh my gosh I can’t believe someone else does this! I have been off work this week and actually made myself work on the elliptical I have at home. But after a couple minutes I would just quit. Then I took my Kindle and lo and behold, I did 20 minutes that first time and yesterday I was actually there for a whole hour!

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  1. Ohhh this is so lovely!! I’m jealous haha. It looks so comfortable and homely! I love it. :D Most of my reading gets done on the bus and all over the place nowadays so I wouldn’t have a huge use for a reading nook, but this looks so cute! <3

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    • Thanks, Analee! I just updated the post with an extra something I bought to complement my nook so I am extra happy :) I used to read on the bus as well but with the new office I don’t get much time to read while commuting anymore so a nice space at home is even more important!


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