by Adam Patterson

Rating: 1.5/5

A man wakes up on a floor, in pain and confused. We slowly, very slowly witness him detailing what he feels as he tries to move and understand what happened. Then he finally starts getting flashbacks about what had taken place.

I didn’t like the writing, there were a lot of at firsts and mispellings, it was slow paced (never thought I would say this about a short story) and the ending was predictable. There are better short stories out there.

Oh and the cover was completely ridiculous and speaks well to the quality of this story.

Read on December 30, 2014
GR Review


by Scott Laurange

Rating: 4.75/5

That was a freaky flash story!

There are several short stories involving cats out there but few done as beautifully as this.

It features a very normal main character who, when sitting for his girlfriend’s house while she’s away, sees himself involved in out of this world interactions with cats and other critters. The story has elements which work so well in fantasy horror – mirrors, anthropomorphic animals, paralel world/realities, losing control over your own fate and more. The ending is just beautiful, a hint of macabre in there.

The cats way of speaking is just as they look to some people (*cough* myself included – sorry, I’m a dog person!) – smug, superior, no time for us mortals. And ever wonder how they sometimes seem to vanish out of thin air? Yep, you hear an explanation for that here!

It’s a very short story so obviously you can’t expect a lot of answers but the feeling it left me with is reason enough for the 5 stars.

Read on October 20, 2014
GR Review