Reading Resolutions

Over the past year my reading time drastically stooped due to work and other obligations but reading remains my #1 pastime and so even though I don’t want to put unnecessary pressure on me I do find that setting goals helps me stay motivated.


So here is what I hope 2017 will bring me:

1. Yearly Challenge
I have been reading around a book per week so I decided to set my yearly challenge on GoodReads to 52. Should be doable.

2. Netgalley Challenge
I am so thankful to this site. Thanks to it I have had access to wonderful books that I most likely would not have read otherwise. My long-term goal is to reach that elusive 80% feedback rate but for now I will settle for not getting below 70%.
I also intend to make Netgalley books at least two thirds of my total books read.

3. New Genre Challenge
Last year I read psychological thrillers for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed them.
I tried a couple of general/women’s fiction and liked them as well.
So this year I would like to keep trying to read stuff I normally wouldn’t. I have started with Crime novels and it has been a positive experience so far.

4. Mix it up
I need to read different genres and in various formats in order to prevent the dreaded reading slump. I have found this system works for me quite well, so I will be reading the odd paperback and listening to audiobooks in the middle of my Kindle reads.

5. Take a break
Last but not least, reading needs to be enjoyable so if I feel I need to take a break in order to keep it that way then I will. Sometimes I do need to watch a movie or play Sims or whatever. I find that when I get back to reading I do so with much more enthusiasm.

So those are my new year reading resolutions. My method of writing the review right after finishing the book should remain the same so I don’t expect things to change on that front.

What are your reading resolutions for 2017?

The guaranteed way to gain reviews

Great tips, please read the entire article!

Suffolk Scribblings


Reviews, reviews, reviews. They are something an author both craves and fears. We are desperate for reviews, both as confirmation that what we’ve produced is liked – though I’ll let you into a little secret here, no matter how many great reviews you receive, you’ll never get rid of the thought that people are just being kind and not really telling you what they think – but also as a means to attract new readers. At the same time we’re terrified of reviews, especially early in our careers, in case they confirm our darkest fears that what we’ve created is illegible rubbish.

In my case, about a week after I published my first novel I became afflicted by a kind of desperation as I waited for somebody, anybody, to review my book. I couldn’t understand why everyone was taking so long. What was the problem? Didn’t they know how important reviews were? I ended…

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Read the book before watching the movie in 2016

As a fan of doing exactly what the title says, I found this idea by Book Depository very cool!

They also have a ‘Books on screen’ and Books about films’ tabs in the same page.

How tempting is that??

Click the image below to see the full list:

Have you read any of these books?
Do you plan to?

I have read Luckiest Girl Alive and definitely plan on watching the movie.

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and A Monster Calls have been on my to buy list for a while, so I am very tempted to buy them.

If you do plan on buying any of these books, will you get a hard or e-copy?

Tell me everything!

PS: There, I caved.

I bought:

A Monster Calls

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children








I had a nifty 10% discount lying around as well so just could not resist! Argh!

Have you caved in yet? :)

10 Impressive Book-Themed Cakes

I stumbled upon this article from The Reading Room and boy, there are some very tallented people out there. What detail!

Check out these beautifully designed cakes, all of them book inspired:

Click the picture!

Would you be able to eat any of these?