It’s the weekend!

Hello, all you lovely people!

The weekend is finally here, yay!

This is how my saturday morning began:

Hot cocoa and a book. Doesn’t get much better.

I plan to be doing a lot of reading these two days.
Do you?

Guest post – Lake of Sins character hierarchy – L. S. O’Dea

Very useful considering I plan to read book 3 soon!

If you haven’t read the first two books yet make sure you do, especially since if you have not read them this hierarchy in the linked post will be a spoiler and the world should definitely be discovered bit by bit.

You can find my review for book 1 here and book 2 here!

David's Book Blurg

The 3rd book in the Lake of Sins series, Hangman’s Army by L. S. O’Dea has just been released and I can’t wait to read my copy. Look out for a review in February!

If you havent already you can see my reviews for the previous titles in the series here :-

Book 1 – Escape

Book 2 – Secrets In Blood

It’s fantasy..dark and gruesome secrets will be revealed!

To get your free copy for the first two books in the series click the image below!


Another bonus is that the author has kindly agreed to a guest post to give some background to the hierarchy within the series. Enjoy!

David was kind enough to ask me to write a guest blog on the hierarchy of the world of the Lake of Sins.

Book one in the series (Lake Of Sins: Escape) is told from the point of view…

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Oops, I did it again

I just cannot stop myself from requesting books from Netgalley! Argh!
As a result my feedback rate dropped below 70%. Bummer.

They’ve had really good stuff though and I just can’t help myself.

Luckily some requests did get denied so these are the new titles I have pending for now:


Have you read any of these or do you plan to?

Reading Resolutions

Over the past year my reading time drastically stooped due to work and other obligations but reading remains my #1 pastime and so even though I don’t want to put unnecessary pressure on me I do find that setting goals helps me stay motivated.


So here is what I hope 2017 will bring me:

1. Yearly Challenge
I have been reading around a book per week so I decided to set my yearly challenge on GoodReads to 52. Should be doable.

2. Netgalley Challenge
I am so thankful to this site. Thanks to it I have had access to wonderful books that I most likely would not have read otherwise. My long-term goal is to reach that elusive 80% feedback rate but for now I will settle for not getting below 70%.
I also intend to make Netgalley books at least two thirds of my total books read.

3. New Genre Challenge
Last year I read psychological thrillers for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed them.
I tried a couple of general/women’s fiction and liked them as well.
So this year I would like to keep trying to read stuff I normally wouldn’t. I have started with Crime novels and it has been a positive experience so far.

4. Mix it up
I need to read different genres and in various formats in order to prevent the dreaded reading slump. I have found this system works for me quite well, so I will be reading the odd paperback and listening to audiobooks in the middle of my Kindle reads.

5. Take a break
Last but not least, reading needs to be enjoyable so if I feel I need to take a break in order to keep it that way then I will. Sometimes I do need to watch a movie or play Sims or whatever. I find that when I get back to reading I do so with much more enthusiasm.

So those are my new year reading resolutions. My method of writing the review right after finishing the book should remain the same so I don’t expect things to change on that front.

What are your reading resolutions for 2017?