Day 212: Celebrations and Updates

Hey folks!

Since I missed my 6 month anniversary last August 19th, I figured I would make a post about other achievements I got in the meantime today, the 7th month anniversary.
Since the last update, Ana’s Lair got the following badges:





– I decided to get rid of the Authors text index in Books page. It is just too time-consuming updating two indexes, so I figured people would rather see the book covers and kept that one.

– The Polls page was pretty useless so I took it out.

– Added a new page: Chats. At the moment, it only features an index of my Random Chats feature posts. If I ever get around to doing other Chats, I will be keeping track there as well.


Thank you all who helped Ana’s Lair achieve these marks. It helps keep me motivated to blog.

As always, any and all suggestions are welcomed.

Ode to Netgalley

Reviews Published

If you follow my blog fairly closely, you’ll know I absolutely adore Netgalley. They are one of my main sources of books these days, if not the top one.

I just noticed I got the Top Reviewer badge, which I have been wanting for ages!

For those who don’t know, the Top Reviewer badge, or the Reviews Published badge, is granted to reviewers whose 3 or more reviews have been added to any NetGalley title details page by a publisher.
You can see which reviews have been added on your Shelf, under Feedback Sent option. The icon featured in the badge will appear next to the book title.

If you’re curious, the books in which my feedback is featured are The Box People, The Doll Maker and The Dreadful Fate of Jonathan York: A Yarn for the Strange at Heart.

You can find more information about Netgalley’s badges here.
Basically, there are a total of 4 badges and, currently, two more I can get (the first one is default, everyone has it): one whenever a feedback rate of 80% is achieved (I will be dreaming for that one for a while…) and the frequently auto-approved badge, if one gets auto-approved by 4 or more publishers.

I have to admit I like this sort of feature; the badges serve as motivation and you can flaunt them when you hit a goal – like I am doing right now, eheh.

So thank you to Netgalley for feeding my book obsession and coming up with these things!


Do you have any Netgalley badges?
Do you like featuring badges in your blog?