Random Chat: Good Blurb

What makes a good blurb?

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Welcome to our first random chat!
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Blurbs, or synopses, or even premises, as I call them in my blog, come in all shapes and sizes.
Are all considered appealing ones?
In my opinion, a good blurb needs to have the following characteristics:

1) Relatively short.
I have no patience to read huge texts. I want to read, say, a paragraph, and immediately know what the book is about.

2) Does not give away anything even remotely spoilery.
A good blurb will only hint at the main points of the story, but not give away the plot. If I know something important is going to happen beforehand, that means I will not be able to fully appreciate it when I finally read it in the book.

3) Need to know information only.
I don’t want piles and piles of details about which awards it has won or what people are saying about it. Awards do not dictate whether I will pick a book up and if I want to know what people think I will read reviews.

In your opinion, what makes a good blurb?
Do you have any pet peeves regarding them?

Tell me everything!