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What Is Your E-Reader of Choice?

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Hey, folks!

I found this article regarding an upgrade on the only E-reader I have ever tried and cannot imagine myself living without, and figured I might chat with you about it, and e-readers in general:

Kindle Paperwhite

And so, today’s Random Chat question is…
What Is Your E-Reader of Choice?

The article above linked, as well as this one and this one, supply all sorts of valuable information on the new version of the Kindle Paperwhite. The latter in particular states clearly information the other two didn’t mention, like the yellow tinge to the screen and reduce battery life. But the new Kindle Paperwhite has better resolution and faster performance due to the increased RAM, and best of all, the same price as the previous version.

Alas, regarding this new version, I will have to wait to get it, but I am still fangirling a bit about it.
Ok, enough with the gushing.
So… E-readers.

It took me a while to surrender to the awesomeness of an e-reader. I thought that, no matter how practical, it could never compare to the feeling of a physical copy. And it can’t. But there are so many advantages to it that, these days, the large majority of books I read are on my KP.

My book journey began on GoodReads, which apparently has some sort of agreement with Amazon, which was the first site of the sort I came in contact with. I did browse some of the other similar sites, but found that Amazon had the most free books and even variety, and that, living in Portugal, they would be able to provide good customer support, so went for one of their products. Besides, most of the sites which provide free book e-copies seem to favour Amazon files (mobi), so another plus.

Why the Kindle Paperwhite specifically? I have mentioned this in a previous post about book formats; some of my favourite features include:

Free books.
Search function.
Adjustable font size.
Highlighting and notes function.
Minimal eye strain, considering it’s a screen.
Ability to comfortably read both indoors and outdoors.
Dictionary incorporated, which I can use for words I don’t know.
Hundreds of books inside such thin and light device which I can take everywhere with me.
Ability to buy pretty much any book I want with one click and have it delivered in seconds.

And thanks to this article I finally figured out what the X-Ray feature is for, woohoo!

So yes, I am very happy with my Kindle Paperwhite. It may not have automatically adjustable screen light, audiobook compatibility or be waterproof, but it serves my needs just perfectly.

Are you as excited about the new KP as I am?
What is your current e-reader?
Have you tried any other models?
Which one is your favourite and why?
Or have you still not surrendered to the wonders of an e-reader?

Tell me everything!

Would You Rather Book Tag

I was tagged by Tiffani @ Book Venom. I found her blog very recently but it has become one of my favourites already and you should definitely check it out!

Would you rather only read trilogies or only read standalones?
I would have to go with standalones. My reading habits are too sporadic. Meaning I cannot stick to the same genre for long, I have to switch every now and then, and reading a whole trilogy would not really let me do that. Not to mention I would most likely not always be able to read them back to back, which I don’t appreciate at all. When I read a book, I want to live and breathe in that world and watch the characters grow, so if I am reading a trilogy, I want to read everything at once; no waiting and no other books in between. But only trilogies would get tiresome, for me.

Would you rather only read male or female authors?
Hmm I think the author’s genre does not really matter much… To be honest, sometimes I do not even know whether I am writing a book by a female or male author, since they seem to love using initials these days!
What matters to me the most is what they write about. I have to tell you, I am sick and tired of reading books where the main character is a rebellious teenager. That just does not cut it for me anymore and has become one of my main pet peeves because it just seems to be everywhere.
I don’t know if women write about that more than men or vice-versa, so whoever doesn’t do that will have my preference!

Would you rather shop at Barnes and Noble or Amazon?
I actually have no experience with Barnes and Noble. I have used Amazon for a while now and am happy enough with it. I love my Kindle Paperwhite too! So I will go with Amazon.

Would you rather books were made into TV shows or movies?
I will have to go with movies.
I generally do not like adaptations, since they vary too much from the book. When I read a book, I get immersed in it, I build the characters in my head and grow fond of them that way. If they are made into something completely different, I would rather be done with it in a couple of hours than a whole season.

Would you rather read only 5 pages per day or 5 books per week?
Oh gosh, this one is hard. It depends on how busy I am!! If I am doing my night job I will most likely only have time for 5 pages per day! However, I could never do that while I am on vacation, for instance. I love dedicating as much time as possible to reading then, especially at the beach, so 5 books a week would probably not be a problem, depending on their size, of course.

Would you rather be a professional author or reviewer?
Oh, this one is easy. I have no desire whatsoever to write a book, so reviewer it is. I love travelling to different worlds!

Would you rather be a librarian or a bookseller?
Hmm I honestly don’t know. Whatever requires less book knowledge? I tend to stick to my preferred genres and would not really be able to help someone outside of that box.
I have to say I love libraries, though, even though they are slowly becoming extinct, at least where I live. But the thought of being surrounded by books, in the midst of all the silence, especially if it is a more traditional one with great architecture and shelves thoroughly appeals to me.

Would you rather read only your favorite genre, or every other genre but your favorite?
Oh, come on. That is just plain evil.
Well, as I mentioned in my first answer, I feel the need to switch genres often, so I suppose I would have to go with every other genre but my favourite.
But I would not be a happy camper. -.-

Would you rather only read ebooks or physical books?
Oh man… That is haaard! I love the feeling of a physical book but the fact is they are not as practical as e-books. My e-reader contains almost 1000 books, I can choose font type and size, margin and line space, brightness, can accompany the progress by percentage, chapter and time till book is over, not to mention the battery lasts weeks… I guess my choice is made, huh?

My nominees:

I tag every single person reading this post!
I promise it is not because I am lazy, I would honestly love to know everyone’s answers, so consider yourselves tagged and, if you decide to do it, please post below a link to your answers so I can read them!

Book Formats

For a long time, it was paper books for me all the way, more specifically paperbacks.

Paper wonderfulness!

Paper wonderfulness!

They were quite portable – I easily put one in my handbag and read pretty much everywhere; generally speaking, never strained my eyes, as long as there was enough light; I loved the feel of the pages and even the smell; I memorized the narrative pretty well and, even though I could not remember which page or chapter I saw something, I could remember which place on the page, and whether it was the left or right page.

Ordering one and getting it on the post was a bit plus for me too.

Yay! It’s christmas!

Making my purchases from Book Depository, my #1 online shop, the orders take a while to arrive, but the shipping is free and they usually come with nifty bookmarks.
So taking that long was actually a plus for me, because I never quite knew when they would arrive and so it almost felt like Christmas.

And really… Who gets stuff in their post these days besides bills?
I still love getting handwritten letters, though so rare. Books are the best next thing.

So I resisted e-readers with all my might.

No, no, NO!!

How could anyone possibly prefer a cold, impersonal device, that strongly resembles a mere tablet, to the feel of a real book? Also, I had read this article, which seemed to justify my reservations.

But then I heard about Amazon’s Kindle the free app and figured well it’s free, might as well try it.
I downloaded it to my Android phone and was like…


Free books.
Search function.
Adjustable font size.
Highlighting and notes function.
Dictionary incorporated, which I can use for words I don’t know.
Hundreds of books inside such a tiny device, which I already take everywhere with me.
Ability to buy pretty much any book I want with one click and have it delivered in seconds.

That’s it, I was sold. I completely gave in.
However, the font size was too small, and if I increased it I could not read many lines at a time, so I ended up making the decision I never thought I would make:
I was going to buy an e-reader.

Ta da!!
The answer to the issues I didn’t know I had.

Also, around that time authors started asking me to read and review their work.
Since I already had the Kindle app which was quite user-friendly, Amazon seemed to have the widest selection of free books, and most authors and online shops provided mobi files more often and easily than other formats, I settled for a Kindle device.
I chose Kindle Paperwhite because it enables me to read outdoors and indoors, with bright light and no light, while straining my eyes as little as possible, not to mention all features already present in the app.

I still feel what is said in that post I mentioned above is very valid. It takes me longer to get into a story and stay focused on it. One may even say I have become lazy.

But I have to admit that it has changed my world. I can read anything anywhere now. And that is the biggest perk I could ever hope for.
That said, I still love paperbacks. But my Kindle is the one I could no longer do without.

Now tell me…