Day 104 – Facebook Page and other stuff

I posted previously that I created a Twitter account for Ana’s Lair, so I figured… Why not create a facebook page as well?

Different social media have different things to offer, and I wondered if any of my followers appreciated facebook and would be willing to like the page and eventually post there.
I find that some folks will more easily post on facebook than blogs, so I was curious. And since I barely use the site myself, it did not make much sense to have WordPress link it to my personal profile.

So even if you’re not that big a fan of it, I have now linked my WordPress account to the blog’s facebook page, and therefore you can use it to follow the blog, since a link should be automatically generated whenever I post here, just like on Twitter. You will at least have a different way, if not easier, to view all the posts than on the blog.

Click to access the facebook page for Ana's Lair!

Click to access the facebook page for Ana’s Lair!

I have also recently found out about Blogging for Books, because that is just what I need, more places to get free books and increase my huge TBR pile.

BfB linked me to Klout, so hey, I signed up to that too, because I am just in an exploratory mood.
I am still not quite sure how it works but, from what I gather, we have a score – mine at a measly 10 – which supposedly increases as we post, and the higher that gets, the more books you get to request from BfB. However, even though I linked it to my WordPress account and have posted in the meantime, my score is yet unchanged. Maybe it would rise if I could actually share their suggested articles to the blog by using the Klout’s share feature, but I only get the facebook option…

So, have any of you guys used any of these sites? What is your experience of it?
Do you have any suggestions for my Facebook or Twitter pages?

Tell me everything!