Book Formats

For a long time, it was paper books for me all the way, more specifically paperbacks.

Paper wonderfulness!

Paper wonderfulness!

They were quite portable – I easily put one in my handbag and read pretty much everywhere; generally speaking, never strained my eyes, as long as there was enough light; I loved the feel of the pages and even the smell; I memorized the narrative pretty well and, even though I could not remember which page or chapter I saw something, I could remember which place on the page, and whether it was the left or right page.

Ordering one and getting it on the post was a bit plus for me too.

Yay! It’s christmas!

Making my purchases from Book Depository, my #1 online shop, the orders take a while to arrive, but the shipping is free and they usually come with nifty bookmarks.
So taking that long was actually a plus for me, because I never quite knew when they would arrive and so it almost felt like Christmas.

And really… Who gets stuff in their post these days besides bills?
I still love getting handwritten letters, though so rare. Books are the best next thing.

So I resisted e-readers with all my might.

No, no, NO!!

How could anyone possibly prefer a cold, impersonal device, that strongly resembles a mere tablet, to the feel of a real book? Also, I had read this article, which seemed to justify my reservations.

But then I heard about Amazon’s Kindle the free app and figured well it’s free, might as well try it.
I downloaded it to my Android phone and was like…


Free books.
Search function.
Adjustable font size.
Highlighting and notes function.
Dictionary incorporated, which I can use for words I don’t know.
Hundreds of books inside such a tiny device, which I already take everywhere with me.
Ability to buy pretty much any book I want with one click and have it delivered in seconds.

That’s it, I was sold. I completely gave in.
However, the font size was too small, and if I increased it I could not read many lines at a time, so I ended up making the decision I never thought I would make:
I was going to buy an e-reader.

Ta da!!
The answer to the issues I didn’t know I had.

Also, around that time authors started asking me to read and review their work.
Since I already had the Kindle app which was quite user-friendly, Amazon seemed to have the widest selection of free books, and most authors and online shops provided mobi files more often and easily than other formats, I settled for a Kindle device.
I chose Kindle Paperwhite because it enables me to read outdoors and indoors, with bright light and no light, while straining my eyes as little as possible, not to mention all features already present in the app.

I still feel what is said in that post I mentioned above is very valid. It takes me longer to get into a story and stay focused on it. One may even say I have become lazy.

But I have to admit that it has changed my world. I can read anything anywhere now. And that is the biggest perk I could ever hope for.
That said, I still love paperbacks. But my Kindle is the one I could no longer do without.

Now tell me…